We are trying to make sure that sports are given importance and taken as a career.


This what we bring to the table.



We can make sure that you are given the right training to make things work in your favour.
A game which is catching the wind can help boost you to the celebrity status.
We can make sure that you can get the right training to get you started.
To make sure that even a sport which is taken lightly gets to the right place.


These are some of our successful players.
Vincent S. Southerland
Vincent S. Southerland


    Vincent S. Southerland
    Vincent S. Southerland


      Sylvia H. Brown
      Sylvia H. Brown


        Latest From Blog

        Best eCommerce Builder for HK

        You have a new product line and you are ready to take it to the world!

        The one thing you don’t have is unlimited time to explore what website builder will serve your needs most efficiently. You need an eCommerce builder that can handle international sales, currencies, and shipping, give you the support you need, and look stunning and professional. 

        Most of all, you need the functionality to make your customers’ experience not only smooth but enjoyable; you need them to buy again and again!

        We’d like to narrow the field. Let’s look at three possibilities along with their strengths and weaknesses, so you can make the right choice based on your business needs and budget. Please consider Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento. These three options each have a different approach to eCommerce.



        Shopify is a dedicated eCommerce website builder that is self-hosted and powers over 1,000,000 businesses worldwide. Dedicated means that Shopify’s main purpose is to give you a platform for selling your product. Out of the three being reviewed, Shopify HK will be the most streamlined and simplest to set up and get going. They are focused on eCommerce and know what you need from SEO and inventory management to payment and shipping, and you can get it all in one place. 


        • Streamlined Start-up
        • Safe and Secure 
        • 24/7 Support
        • Themes and Ease of Customization
        • Language Options
        • Ready to GROW with you
        • Some shipping discounts available
        • Up to 20% discount on multiple-year plan 


        • Transaction fees are charged if not using “Shopify Payments”
        • Multi-language and other customizations may require coding/developer help
        • The cost of apps you want to gain functionality can add up

        Set-up and Customization: 

        You will be able to set up the basics of your Shopify store yourself, without needing to code; you can even purchase a drag-and-drop app for $19/month to further simplify the process. For other customizations, like adding languages, you will need to learn their coding language, Liquid, or hire a developer, though Shopify has great support to help you.


        Templates are professional and versatile; all are responsive, meaning they function properly on any device. Shopify has ten free templates and over seventy more available for purchase ($140-180USD). All include standard features like access to free stock photos by Burst, SEO optimization, and drop-down navigation support. 

        Accepting Payments Internationally

        Shopify has its own payment gateway that can accept payments in a variety of currencies, including Hong Kong SAR. When you use Shopify Payment, you incur no transaction fee as you do with their other payment gateways. However, a number of other payment methods are available. You can also set up different shipping domains to connect the appropriate local taxes and duties to the payment.


        Multiple Languages

        Shopify is based in Canada and is available in 20 languages, including Chinese. Though multi language is not available in the Shopify Basic plan, you can have two languages in the Shopify Plan, five in Shopify Advanced, and twenty in the Shopify Plus plan. A geolocation app can be purchased to direct your customers to the correct country URL based on their location.



        Shopify Plus offers custom pricing; expect about $2000 USD/month. 


        ShopifyLite—$9USD/month—can be added to any website or blog so you can sell a product and accept credit card payments. Details of each plan are available. See  https://www.shopify.com/pricing




        • WordPress power and flexibility
        • Great blogging with your eCommerce store to attract customer interest
        • Excellent SEO built-in
        • Abundant extensions and plugins to customize and increase your site’s functionality
        • “Meet-ups” around the world, including Hong Kong
        • This article does a great job of breaking down the pros and cons for HK: https://easyecommercehk.com/網店平台/woocommerce香港/教學/


        • Technical knowledge required to build with both WordPress and WooCommerce
        • Costs can add up as you add extensions and plugins
        • No actual support after installation, you rely on community support and “Meet-ups”

        WooCommerce is a different option; it is actually open-source and free for both personal and commercial use. It is a plug-in designed to be added to WordPress. WordPress is powerful, established, and recognized around the world. While Shopify supports a blog, it is modest in comparison to WordPress, and many feel great blogging is crucial for attracting traffic to your store and keeping customers too.

        As an open-source product, WooCommerce will not come with a domain, hosting, email, a theme, or support, as Shopify does. You will choose and purchase these on your own. Many businesses choose Bluehost for hosting because they provide several “WordPress + WooCommerce” bundles and give excellent support through installation.


        Adding WooCommerce through Bluehost looks like this:

        Note that some WordPress themes do not work with WooCommerce; search for a premium WooCommerce theme because, even though you will have to pay more, it will be fully updated for SEO and security. Customizing the theme will take some technological savvy and remember, while there is a supportive community of WooCommerce users, there is no actual support. 


        You can use plugins and extensions to translate your content and make your store fully functional internationally. For example, the WooCommerce Multi-Currency extension (approximately $100 USD/year with support) quickly calculates currencies and taxes based on country. 




        • Most powerful eCommerce platform
        • Best features available
        • Great international features
        • Top-quality look and functionality



        • Very difficult to set up and may incur developer costs
        • Difficult to calculate the final cost 
        • No free support


        Magento is used by approximately 20% of all eCommerce sites, most of them large. Magento is also open source, meaning you can download it and use it for free as the “Community Edition,” but it does not come with SEO, backup, security, hosting, or domain. 

        You can also purchase the Enterprise Edition (customized pricing only), with everything you could ever need and more, but it is very expensive. Since it is so pricey, let’s focus on the Community Edition as a starting point. 

        Setting up with Magento will not be as simple as Shopify and you will first need to acquire hosting and a domain. Then you need to purchase and install your theme, making use of Magento’s official store or third-party extensions to gain the functionality you need. Do note that Magento themes and extensions are usually much more expensive than those on other platforms; it is not uncommon for a theme or extension to be $300. 

        Using such extensions, Magento Community can meet your multi-language needs and can be scaled to sell internationally. With the GeoIP Redirect extension, for example, your customers’ location will be detected, and they will be automatically directed to their country’s URL with the proper translation and currency values for your products. 

        While Magento is expensive and difficult to use, it has the very best list of features of any eCommerce platform. Examples include being able to manage all Magento stores from one admin panel, generate coupon and bundle deals, show unlimited product options (like size, color, style), and provide registered customers with a dedicated dashboard–even at the Community level.

        Obviously, you can see that if you have a big budget, Magento Enterprise can give you the best in speed, flexibility, and SEO tools. If you are a large, growing company with upfront money ready to invest, don’t ignore this major player!

        What Next?

        If you need simple and quick, your most streamlined set-up is likely to be Shopify. If your store is enterprise-size, and you have money to invest in getting your store set up, Magento will give you all the strong features to keep you growing. Finally, if you have some time to learn and want a reasonably priced solution that can also grow with you, WooCommerce added to WordPress might be the best solution for you. 

        Any of these three leading eCommerce platforms should get you selling internationally and on your way to a promising future. 



        The Benefits of Steam Showers & How They Work


        Steam showers are becoming popular as a spa treatment at home. There are several good reasons why homeowners are interested in these installations. These are user-friendly and have several health benefits. Most of all, they add value to your home while saving spa expenses along with the time needed to travel to and from a nearby spa. With steam showers and whirlpool tubs you can make your own home spa. You can choose the best whirlpool tubs on https://homeworthylist.com/best-whirlpool-tub-reviews/ and rely on these ones more than the your regular bathtubs. The steam shower is, in fact, a self-contained unit, smaller than a sauna or steam room. It means less upkeep and space needed for you to enjoy the same benefits that a sauna or steam room would offer you. Let’s look at how steam showers operate, along with the advantages they offer.

        How Steam Showers Work?

        A steam shower is a basic enclosure: a sealed stall to prevent moisture from leaving the tub. All you need to do is step in and press a button on the control panel of the tub. This triggers the steam generator of the shower, which heats water to boil. Through the shower’s system, the steam from the boiling water is channelled. The steam emerges through the steam head, filling the bathroom with luxurious steam. Modern steam showers come with electronic controls, making it easy to operate. Starting the shower, changing the time that the shower can function, or adjusting temperature controls are now easy tasks. Some models are designed with the following features:

        • Sound systems that allow you to listen to music.
        • Add various fragrance to the shower.
        • Mood lighting.
        • Conventional showerheads for a quick rinse once the steam shower is complete.

        Benefits of Steam Showers


        While you may feel a bit indulgent if you install a steam shower in your home bathroom, it is one of the best things you can do for your health and wellbeing. Here are a few benefits of using steam showers:

        1. Improved Blood Circulation: The moist heat of a steam shower spa enlarges your blood vessels, naturally lowering your blood pressure. Your blood flow increases, and as a result, this improves your overall blood circulation. This improved circulation provides more oxygen to your cells and helps keep your arteries healthy. Make your bath more relaxing with this health benefit.
        2. Healthy Skin: As little as 20 minutes of steam a week can improve your skin’s clarity and tone. Steam cleanses your skin and makes you sweat, in turn getting rid of bacteria, dead skin cells and dirt that build up in the top layers of your skin. The result is a reduction of blackheads and other blemishes.
        3. Stress Relief: The warmth of the steam boost your blood circulation to relax your muscles, and it also stimulates endorphins to help you relax mentally and emotionally. Simply feeling the heat in your muscles causes stress to melt away.

        Join the Coast

        • Central Coast Gaelic Athletic Club is one of Sydney’s longest standing clubs with 2014 being its 33rd year in existence. The club is located in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and has 3 teams across all codes – Hurling, Ladies Football and Camogie.

        • In the clubs history we have been one of the most successful club’s consistently competing in finals across the different codes each year.

        • 2013 was a highly successful year for our camogs with them going unbeaten all season, winning all 5 Camogie tournaments.  They have also never been beaten in a Melbourne 7’s, Gosford or Clan 7’s tournament since their existence. This year the camogie team have already claimed the Melbourne 7’s & Gosford title in 2014.

        • The Ladies Footballers had a successful win earlier this year at the beach tournament and got to the final of our Gosford tournament in March.

        • Our Hurlers are also off to a cracking start in 2014. They claimed the cup for Michael Cusack’s Tournament early in the year and also did the club extremely proud in Gosford this year by reaching the finals to be narrowly beaten in a very tough game by Michael Cusacks.

        • The main ethos of our club is to have fun and enjoy the sports we love and are passionate about, keep our culture and tradition flowing whilst away from home and also to provide a strong support network and second family to our members.

        • We do this by providing support with work assistance, visa queries, accommodation assistance and also ensuring you have lots of fun social activities to keep your diaries action packed.  Some of our key events include BBQ’s, trips to Jindabyne Irish Traditional Festival, Annual Ski Trip, Booze Cruises,  Golf Days and much, much more!

        • Come join the Coast and have the craic both on and off the field!! Players and non players welcome!

        Open Seminar about remedies for asthma symptoms will be held next week.

        Contact Us

        Micheal O’Keeffe – 0451 032 486Ladies Football: 
        Evelyn O’Brien – 0432 227 942Camogie:
        Adrian Murphy -0405 341 353Men’s Football:

        Championship 2014

        As the 2014 NSW GAA Championship draws to a finish the Central Coast is delighted to be represented in 3 semi final games on Sunday the 31st of August.

        The hurlers will battle it out with old rivals the Shamrocks for a place in the final. Our hurlers started strong in 2014 claiming the trophy at the Michael Cusacks tournament and are hoping to leave the championship on a similar winning note.

        The ladies football team will take on Michael Cusacks in what promises to be an epic battle for a place in the championship final. The footballers have had a tough year between injuries, people away on holidays and more. However, the team has never been stronger. Everyone has returned with fire in their bellies and hunger in their hearts and we are all very hopeful that on Sunday all the hard work will pay off.

        Our camogie team will play Clan na nGael, just as they did in the league semi finals earlier in the year. The girls will be hoping for the same victorious result on Sunday as they had the last time these teams met. The girls are thrilled to have the team back to full strength and having played just one other game in this year’s championship they are fresh and totally fired up for Sunday’s game.
        Best of luck to all teams and management.

        2013 Camogie Champions

        Congrats to the Central Coast Camogie team on their great achievement of winning all competitions played in 2013: Melbourne 7’s, Gosford Comp, NSW league and NSW championship… Roll on 2014!

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